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It's a Sad Day When City Building Social Games Attack Each Other With Folk Songs

In case there was any doubt in your mind that EA's SimCity Social has it out for Zynga's pretender to the city building social game throne, CityVille, this rousing rendition of "More City, Less 'Ville" should put it to rest.


While hardcore gamers are busy looking at trailers for this fall's mildly exciting game lineup there's a war brewing on Facebook. A war of epic proportions. A war in which entire virtual cities will be burnt to the ground, replaced with slightly different virtual cities. Which side will your friends be on? They might straddle the line between EA and Zynga for a while, but sooner or later one of their tiny cities will be reduced to ashes. Perhaps a Modest Mouse song would have been a better choice here.

This is an outright attack, a shot fired into the heart of Zynga's metropolitan empire. It's a rather catchy one as well. Hopefully the CityVille people will respond in kind. I can think of more terrible things that folk song warfare.

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Instead of just passively taking these jabs, I wish a social games developer would just go the whole distance and make a great city-fighting social game between them. Let the users on Facebook duke it out for which one will reign supreme. Let us build our cities high, and then let us see them torn asunder for all to see!