From Tetris to Metroid: The 'Hip' Tanaka Mixtape

Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka's music is infectious. It gets in your blood. Metroid, Tetris, Kid Icarus: if you own a Gameboy, or a Nintendo you've had one of his songs stuck in your head. Possibly for a week.

This week on the Kotaku Mixtape, we take a look at one of the great composers of all time, a man who's work extends from the gleeful Super Mario Land to eclectic Earthbound.


Super Mario Land - Overworld Theme
Dr. Mario - Ending Theme
Famicom Wars
Metroid - Theme (Arranged)
Mother - Eight Melodies (Arranged w/ Keiichi Suzuki)
Tetris - Type B
The Hirokazu Tanaka Song
Gyromite - Stage Theme
Earthbound - You've Come So Far, Ness (w/ Keiichi Suzuki)
Kid Icarus (Famicom Disk System Ver.) - Theme
Game Boy Camera/Mother - Credits/Twinkle Elementary


Also, how weird is The Hirokazu Tanaka Song?

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Oh nice, the FDS version of Kid icarus theme uses that seldom known extra sawtooth wave channel missing from the original NES.

The original Metroid intro theme sounds more awesome with it. The ending uses it too.