You're the God of a Paper World in Media Molecule's Tearaway

Paper hero Iota has a message for the real world, and only you can aid him in his heroic effort to escape the paper world inside your PS Vita in Tearaway, the next game from LittleBigPlanet creators Media Molecule.

Iota is a tiny paper messenger tasked with breaking out of his wood pulp world with a message for the real world, and you're going to have to help him get the job done by poking your way into his. Using the Vita's touch-sensitive back panel you'll be able to interact with the world of Tearaway in inventive new ways.

During Sony's 2012 Gamescom press conference (and in the trailer above), Media Molecule showed players tapping the back of the unit to reverberate drums, launching Iota into the air. More direct interaction was shown when enemies appeared on the screen. The player tapped hard on the back of the unit and his fingertips poked through the ground into Tearaway, the hand of god making itself known.


It's gorgeous and inventive, just the sort of thing we'd expect from the house that Sackboy built.

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I always liked the concept and ambition behind LBP, but as a game, it never quite grabbed me. This, however, looks absolutely wonderful. I'm really glad to see one of Sony's big hitters making a Vita game, it's really what they needed to do, rather than have their B-Teams handle their Vita games.