This Looper 8-Bit Game Trailer Shouldn't Exist But I'm Glad It Does

As far as I know, there's no video game tethered to Rian Johnson's upcoming sci-fi thriller. That's a shame, as Looper sports exactly the kind of fictional universe I'd like to expanded on in playable form. So, good for me then, that filmmaker Deepak Chetty did the next best thing by making a retro-styled trailer for an old-school Looper game that never existed.


Usually, the 8-bit pixellated look is a cheap, easy way to home in on some nostalgia for bygone times. But it actually works thematically here, what with the movie's core plot concerning an underworld spacetime assassin who has to kill a future version of himself. And the game highlights the paradox of fighting an antagonist that's your younger self: you can't kill him or else you disappear. Hey, Deepak, let's see more of this once the movie comes out, okay?


I've actually been quite excited for Looper. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been on a nice streak, and Premium Rush was fun.

I just like the premise of being sent back to kill people people, and then you run into yourself...and that self is Bruce Willis.