You Have To Run From Room to Room (In Real Life) To Play This Arcade Game

Imagine a Defender-style video game where you had to jog across the entire floor of a building to play it. No, wait; don't imagine that. One Japanese-born game designer already did. And it's pretty great.

Based on drawings that Keita Takahashi came up with, the folks at Babycastles—who periodically put up exhibitions of beautiful and weird video games in New York City—spread out a side-scrolling shooter over 20 screens in Manhattan's Museum of Art and Design. Players then had to hunt down and scramble to the screens where the action continued in order to win.


If you've played Takahashi's games, then you know that the man's brain comes up with infectiously bizarre concepts. The one on display in the video above isn't quite as crazy as those games but it's damned fun. I got shoved out of the way a few times when rounds were being played. That was okay, though because I've never seen a shooter played quite like this. And I probably never will.

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I wonder how you were supposed to know wish screen you had to go to next to see your ship. Didn't quite make it out from the video.