Check Out This Insanely Cool GTA IV Mod That Lets You Time Travel With Back to the Future's DeLorean

Mods are insanely cool. They can grant PC games everything from a spiffy outfit to entirely new game modes and areas.

YouTube user seedyrom34 took GTA IV mods to the next level with this full-functional, fully-detailed DeLorean time machine straight out of Back to the Future. It even comes complete with a full Marty McFly skin for you to drive around in.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Hill Valley - [Back to the Future Mod Showcase] [YouTube via Reddit]

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Funny fact in the extras of the Back to the Future boxset they say that with all the stuff put on the car they couldn't reach 88mph in real. A stock Delorean can reach top speed of 110mph but if you add a few hundred pound of movie props it make it impossible to reach 90.