GaymerCon is Fully Funded—and Then Some—for a 2013 Meeting

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GaymerCon, an effort to convene the "first gaming and geek lifestyle convention with a focus on LGBT culture," drew backing and support from the likes of Xbox Live, Penny Arcade, and even the Sniper from Team Fortress 2, beat its funding target by a mile after its Kickstarter closed on Friday.

Organizers set $25,000 as a goal; they brought in $91,389, guaranteeing that the Con will be held Aug. 3-4, 2013, in San Francisco. The group is now in the process of selecting a venue and hotel(s), and will open up badges for sale again some time down the line. And yeah, they'll need to think up some panel ideas, too. But it's on, for sure.

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I usually don't look at the comments on these posts because it's a huge load of straight-male privilege bliders but here's what I said in reply to a polite question asking why someone might want an event like this, plus a little more:

The LGBTQ community is a really tight-knit sort of group who take great pride in who they are as a oft-times degraded minority. Sometimes it's just nice to get together with people who share the same struggles as you to discuss those issues that are rarely tackled by non-LGBTQ events. Their community is, in fact, about more than their sexuality. It's a celebration of their very selves, the unique life experiences they have, and the perseverance over misunderstanding and insult that they deal with every day. With the video game community at large still very cis-centric (cis being a term meaning people who identify, sexually and otherwise, as the societal norm), why should it be a surprise that they'd like a space to celebrate their passions in an environment where everyone has similar life experiences? Where people understand the issues regarding discrimination in the gaming community and it can be discussed freely and safely without threat of dude-bro flames?

... Probably repeated myself a little there, but that's the basic gist of it.