Someone is Making a Cyberpunk Text Adventure Game. In 2012.

Text adventures have a long, proud history, one that dates back to the very beginning of PC gaming, before computers could really even do graphics.


It's a history that hasn't had many new entries in the past 30 years, though, as advances in horsepower and the advent of first visuals then colour visuals rendered the text adventure seemingly dead. Sierra's early 90's adventure games were the last I played that used a text input (and even then that was to control a visual avatar), and the early 90s were a long time ago.

One developer wants to bring the genre back. Argentinian developers The Cabrera Brothers are working on Cypher, an all-new, commercial text adventure that doesn't just take us back to the 80s in terms of input, but also with its Blade Runner-inspired cyberpunk visuals (of which it looks like there's a ton).

You might think typing words onto a keyboard to control a game is quaint, and in many ways it is (not to mention frustrating), but there's a sense of immersion and flexibility you get from it that a mouse-driven menu system just can't match.

Cypher [Official Site]


Erik Sofge

At the risk of sounding like a complete shithead, the only kind of text game I want to play is one written by unbelievably talented writers. Like Fallen London. Based on the terrible, grammar-poor, punctuation-lacking copy in that trailer (after the shameless Blade Runner rip-off footage kicks in), this is going to be painful.

Someone else should be doing great text games. Just not these guys.