It's Hard to Be Excited About The Secret World's Next Update With the Lead Designer Gone

Hey look, it's a video for the changes coming in The Secret World's Issue #2: Digging Deeper update. Plastic surgery, bazookas and an extension of "the Kingsmouth Code" investigation mission — these are things I would have been thrilled about two days ago. Now that lead designer Martin Bruusgaard has been let go, not so much.


I'd been eagerly anticipating Funcom's paranormal MMO for years when I first got a chance to play alongside Bruusgaard during a press preview event. His obvious enthusiasm and strong passion for the game drove my anticipation to greater heights. I am a big fan of passion in game developers — if I can tell they're really into what they're making, then I tend to get more into what they're making.


And now? Well I guess he's not making it anymore. Neither are a whole bunch of folks. That's unfortunate, because I really enjoyed the game Martin and friends put together.

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A bit of blood on your hand maybe?

Do you have any idea how much impact that headline you wrote can have? Sure if you read the article it is not that bad. But most people won't read the article.

Knowing how popular kotaku is, how many people were hesitating to buy TSW and didn't after seeing this?