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Let's Talk About The Video Games We Played, Loved And Hated Last Week

Illustration for article titled Lets Talk About The Video Games We Played, Loved And Hated Last Week

A busy seven days chasing around after my kid then jetting off to Sydney meant I didn't get to play as many games as usual. Still, I got to play some, and turns out this week was a case of quality over quantity.


BLACK MESA - It's almost everything I wanted it to be. And, surprisingly, in some cases it was more. A herculean effort from all involved.

SID MEIER'S COLONIZATION - Dug up my old copy, moved it over to my new HTC One XL, spent a bus ride to Sydney engrossed in one of the best - and, it turns out, most timeless - PC strategy games ever made.


SLEEPING DOGS - The (sorry) sleeper hit of the year just can't keep me away. The further into the story I get, and the fancier my suits get, the deeper the game gets its hooks into me.

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I *was* playing through Rage (got a big Steam backlog to clear through), which was pretty fun, probably the best game id's made since Quake ][, but then Black Mesa hit.

I've already played through it, some parts twice. And now I can't seem to go back to Rage, because it's not as good. Seriously, a bunch of amateur modders made a game that I'd rather replay than finish a professional, AAA title. How the hell did that happen?

Oh right. Seven years in development.