The Line into the Tokyo Game Show is Hours Long

The Tokyo Game Show has lines—long lines for almost every game. But what about the line to enter the show, just how long is that line? Before the show began Saturday morning, it wrapped around the entire convention center and was six to seven people wide. Walking the entire length of the line took me twenty minutes. And then, even an hour after opening, the line was still flowing in.


Most of the people at the front of the line had camped out. Others arrived in the early AM, long before the trains started running. It was filled with everyone from the old to the young—families and singles, otaku and non-otaku. And don't forget the cosplayers—the tons and tons of cosplayers.

To get an idea of just how massive the line was, check out the video above.

(Video Music: reusenoise | ccMixter)

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