Justin Bieber Is A Playable Basketball Pro In NBA 2K13, For Some Reason

I'm not sure why such a thing as this exists, but it does. Justin Bieber—yes, that Justin Bieber, beloved of 5th-grade girls nationwide—is a playable character in NBA 2K13. YouTube user DallasCowboys94Ware has done the world the favor of putting together this saga of Bieber's trials and tribulations on the court, complete, of course, with pop soundtrack.


I have not the slightest idea how tall the real-life Bieber is, or if he is particularly skilled at basketball, but his digital counterpart seems to stack up reasonably well against better-known NBA stars by the time all is said and done.

Justin Bieber vs. Team USA in NBA 2K13 [YouTube via G4]

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He is 6-4 in the game and rated 94 on offense, 88 of defense. The whole celebrity team is 99 overall, offense and defense. It's ridiculous.