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The Power Rangers Don't Hate Dubstep. They Dance to It.

You might think surely this is some sort of joke. Even the title of this YouTube video "Power Rangers Dubstep" seems like a hilarious gag. Then, there's the breakdancing—in Power Rangers outfits. They even doing the robot. Hilarious!


As the video's YouTube page explains:

Watch as the Samurai Rangers show off their dance floor powers like never before! Dubstep style!


Heck, the description seems like something people would write if they A). wanted to take the piss out of dubstep B). wanted to take the piss out of the Power Rangers C). Both.

Then you look at who uploaded the video and see that this is on the official Power Rangers channel (via Topless Robot). This is no joke. These people are dead serious. What's next, 'Gangnam Style'?

Power Rangers Dubstep [YouTube via Topless Robot]

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I simply don't get Dubstep... noises and stuff. AND GET OFF MY LAWN LITTLE PESTS!