These Eurogamer Expo Cosplayers Know How To Have Fun

I love cosplay. Some people are really, really talented at it.

But there's something special about video montages. Maybe it's that you can play music in the background to set the mood. Or because of those pretty camera swoops that give you the full expanse of each person's cosplay.


But really, it's probably because videos let the cosplayers perform stunts, and show off just how talented they are.

Not only have they put together awesome costumes, they also play out their roles quite well. Whether that's being a good sport and leaping over couches or chasing each other around the convention floor, or skillfully spinning their fake weapons in their hands like pros.

There are a lot of repeats in this video, but it's fun to see them performing all sorts of silly moves.

Eurogamer - Cosplay Music Video [YouTube]


The Cheerleader with the Chainsaw HOT or is it just me?