Zynga Has Lost $160 Million This Year So Far

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2012 has been rough for the company behind FarmVille. Zynga has lost a total of $160 million during the nine month period from January to September 30, 2012, the company said in an earnings report today.


This includes a loss of $52 million over the past three months. Yesterday, Zynga laid off 150 staff and shut down 13 games. (We still don't know exactly which games were shuttered—I've reached out to the company for clarification.)


That's not to say they're falling apart: as the company noted in its financial report today, they're still controlling half of the top-10 games on Facebook: Words With Friends, Zynga Poker, Bubble Safari, ChefVille, and FarmVille 2.

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InvadingDuck | Zachary D Long

Before people chime in and say "Good. I hope they go under," I just want to chime in and say that nobody wins if they do. All that means is a bunch of guys and gals get out of a job and the big wigs go on to the next big thing and screw that over.

I think it's better to hope the company changes how it does things for the better instead of spiraling downward. That way there's a positive change and everybody wins.