Star Wars: The Old Republic Officially Going Free-to-Play November 15

Illustration for article titled Star Wars: The Old Republic Officially Going Free-to-Play November 15

MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is officially going free to play on November 15, EA confirmed today.


The game launched late last year, to positive reviews, but had trouble holding onto a subscriber base. EA announced in July that SW:TOR would transition to a free-to-play game this fall, but didn't provide a specific date.

Players reading early announcements about which features would and would not be included for free felt that the limitations were excessively restrictive, and EA made some tweaks in response. The publisher has also added and enhanced its reward program for existing and returning subscribers; former subscribers who reactivate by December 20 will receive complimentary Cartel Coins for their prior paid months.

Old Republic lead designer Damion Schubert posted an update yesterday on the game's official site, describing the philosophy behind the transition and progress the team has made so far, with the target launch date now only one week away.


Sandrockcstm Gaming

I am so upset about this transition. Aside from the fact that the F2P options are ridiculous (I have to pay to sprint and have more than one crew skill!?), I can't access any of my "complimentary" cartel coins unless I resubscribe. Bioware will not be getting any more money out of me on this game.