Hardcore Social: No One is Safe From the Bloodthirsty Hordes of Citizen Grim

I was not planning to spend an hour shooting and bludgeoning zombies to death on Facebook, yet here we are.


I wandered over to Zynga.com to grab a screenshot of FarmVille for today's winners and losers post, and there was the image for Eruptive Entertainment's Citizen Grim, all darkness and evil and flames and pretty redheads, not at all what I expected to see there.

The game's been around for a while now. Had I seen it sooner I would have played it sooner, but despite its many advances, Facebook still makes it hard to discover new games in a timely fashion. Had I known about this story-driven, 'mid-core' survival horror game sooner, then so would have you folks.


You're not sure how you got here, or why the citizens of Grim County have been transformed into hideous beasts known as Reapers. All you know is you've got to find your brother Alex, place businesses to aid in your survival, gather resources to upgrade your weapons and kill anything that gets in your way of doing so, be it lowly cannon fodder to powerful boss. Hire a merc or two to help you out if you'd like, just wipe them out.

Illustration for article titled Hardcore Social: No One is Safe From the Bloodthirsty Hordes of emCitizen Grim/em

Citizen Grim is a sublime combination of common social gameplay tropes and isometric survival horror shooter. Click on your enemies to auto-attack with melee weapons, firearms or other instruments of destruction as they relentlessly attack. Activate waves of Reapers to earn rewards and a spot on the leaderboards.

It's not quite an action game, not quite a social click fest. It's somewhere in-between, and that makes the setting and slaughter all the more unsettling.


Citizen Grim [Facebook]

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If it played like Dead Nation, I would totally play it.