Show Us Your Picks For Best Video Game Music Of 2012

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Last year, I had a ton of fun running the Best Game Music Of 2011 series. Over the course of a dozen or so posts, we looked back at all the best video game music of the year, from Portal 2 to Sworcery.


This year, I'd like to do something a bit different. Since I've already written at length about just about every interesting game soundtrack this year, the best game music of 2012 will be condensed to a single post, and it'll be a little more formal.

I loved the Readers' Choice post we ran last year as well, because it highlighted a bunch of music I'd never heard, and let you guys share your (generally excellent) musical taste.

Kotaku's own list of the best video game music of 2012 will run next Thursday during Kotaku Melodic. This week, I'd like to put it to you: What was your favorite video game music of the year?

Post away in the comments, and include YouTube clips of the soundtracks if you can, along with a quick explanation of why you loved the soundtrack in question. There was some amazing video game music this year: Let's make a playlist for the ages.



Say what you want about the ending to Mass Effect 3, but this song right here REALLY sums up all of the emotion the series built on. Just listening to it gives you a sense of finality, that what you're doing is for the greater good, that this is it.