Now You Can Play Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook

The magnificent mobile mixture of Angry Birds and Star Wars that swept the mobile game charts gets social today, as Rovio launches the Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook game.

With weekly friend tournaments and five new levels to compete in every week, the Facebook version of Angry Birds Star Wars sounds perfect for players that have already mastered all the mobile game currently has to offer. Three new power-ups—Blaster Droid, Saber Sling, and Thermal Detonator—add a new twist to gameplay, while the new Clone bird allows players to duplicate any bird they wish, at least until Order 66 is executed.


You can play Angry Birds Star Wars right here on Facebook.

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Does Rovio offer any sort of linkage like a profile to allow you to work on your high scores on multiple platforms? I'd love to have my scores be persistent, so I can clear levels on my phone and then try to hone them with a mouse on my computer later, and so that I could compare with friends.