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Too Awesome: Rows and Rows of Ms. Pac-Man Machines Being Built Back in the Day

Illustration for article titled Too Awesome: Rows and Rows of emMs. Pac-Man/em Machines Being Built Back in the Day

It took a lot of skill (and quarters) to rack up an epic run on Ms. Pac-Man back in the day. Turns out it took sharp hand-eye co-ordination to assemble those iconic cabinets, too.


This raw archival footage—from a series about the arcade craze that apparently was never finished—looks inside a factory where one of the all-time great arcade games were made. The best part is watching the workers play the game to make sure they work.


(Spotted on Garrett Martin's Twitter)

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Those cabinets would be worth a fortune today.

EDIT: It's kinda sad.. the death of the arcade brought the death of this form of manufacturing job, too. Look at all those workers!

EDIT2: HOLY CRAP I want one of those zip-tie tools!