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The Great Wii U Robbers Might Actually Get Away With It

Illustration for article titled The Great Wii U Robbers Might Actually Get Away With It

Last month, thieves made off with 7000 Wii U consoles in a brazen robbery near Seattle's SeaTac airport. They stole some trucks, drove right up to a warehouse, got out, used forklifts to remove the consoles, then just drove off.


If the cops were hoping they'd catch the thieves red-handed, they'd be pretty disappointed by now, especially since trucks and trailers used in the heist are starting to turn up. Empty.


Detectives say that "two trailers and a box truck" involved in the robbery have been recovered, with their markings and vehicle indentification numbers painted white. Weirdly, some of them were found to have "S.S. Trans" hastily scrawled on the sides, in writing so badly-drawn it must have been an inside joke for the crims.

In response, police have increased the reward for information on the cargo to $10,000 (the shipment was worth over $2 million).

Holiday Heist: Trailers found in massive Nintendo theft [WMW]

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How could they possibly sell 7000 of those without drawing attention? Especially since they are such a special item (let's face it, this isn't 7000 eggs that can be turned into something else).

They aren't home free yet.