The new Pokémon games are titled Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Have you ever searched either of those games on Google? If you are stumbling upon pornography, it might not be Pokémon, it could be you.

Kotaku has been getting tips that point out entering "Pokemon X Videos" on Google turns up X-rated porn. Forums, such as GameFAQs, point to this newly minted meme:


The correct way to search for Pokémon X is "'Pokemon X' videos". Sure, small kids might know that, but they also shouldn't be searching around the internet without parental control. (They also shouldn't be playing Pokémon. They should be working in factories, or whatever kids do these days.)

Kids accidentally finding these dirty links is the point of this tongue-in-cheek meme, you say. That's correct, I say! fiddled with the SafeSearch Off settings, and thus, it *might* make it harder for Google to barf up these porny results. But if you are using, say,, then you'll have better control of the SafeSearch Off getting results that match up with the meme image. You also might live in the UK, which is pretty cool.


Even with a moderate setting, results include things like, oh dear, yeah, um, just no.


Those search results, however, are muted, when setting the search results to "strict"‚ÄĒwhich is, of course, where your search results should be! What is triggering these porn results? The inclusion of the x videos, which takes you to a porn site called

If you search innocuous words like "Rainbows X Videos", "Cricket X Videos", and, even, "Pizza X Videos", you turn up all sorts of non-innocuous results. Yes, even fucked up pizza. You know how you fuck up pizza? Literally, that's how.

However, searching "Sonic X Videos" turns up videos of Sonic X, instead of dirty links.


You know, this probably says more about Sonic than Pokémon. Personally, I just feel sorry for the poor folks searching for Poképorn suddenly having to deal with skipping game footage.

Best argument against this game's name yet. [GameFAQs]