The Wii U's Virtual Console Has Customizable Controllers And 'Restore Points.' Here's A Look.

Wondering what the Wii U's Virtual Console looks like? We downloaded Balloon Fight, the first Wii U VC game, and dove through the menus to find that the new interface allows for customizable controllers and "restore points"—or temporary save states (like the 3DS has).


The Virtual Console, a system that lets you buy and play classic Nintendo games, officially launches this spring, and there will be monthly $0.30 releases from now through July, including, most notably, Super Metroid this May.

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Lovely, now if only they didn't charge me a buck to play the same games I bought on the Wii, y'know... Because I already paid for those games and really an upgrade to your software emulator shouldn't cost the consumers that have paid for the "roms" that already exist. This isn't a new game with anything added, it's the same damned thing. People get pissed at the thought of MS and Sony doing shit like this, hell they get pissed when there's two versions of the EXACT SAME GAME on iOS or Android.

I love how much leeway Nintendo gets when it comes to its anti-consumer practices. "Oh, it's only a buck!" yeahhh, that's a buck more than what you pay for to get the same service on a Playstation, a 360/windows phone, an Android phone/tablet or an iOS device.