Well, Killzone On The Vita Looks Pretty Great

You can't ever put your complete trust in something until you've got your hands on it—especially when it comes to this franchise and this platform—but still. Even allowing for that, this is looking like a much better effort than other FPS games we've seen on the Vita thus far.

We'll have more on Killzone: Mercenary tomorrow.

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It appears that at least Sony's own flagship titles on Vita are handled with more care. Granted they are not as highly regarded as their PS3 big brothers; Vita's Uncharted, Motorstorm, Wipeout are nonetheless pretty good (Resistance: Burning Skies notwithstanding).

That being said, even if this Vita Killzone is going to be good, I still won't see this as a truly Vita killer app, to me, it will always be a skippable PS3 game spin off with Vita touch screen features shoe-horned in.

No, a Vita killer app to me would be a completely new franchise, tailored completely from the ground up with Vita's touch screen features in mind. Luckily we have Media Molecule for that, until Tearaway comes out, I see no reason to buy Vita yet.