Beat Dead Space 3 And It Will Give You The Finger


This video from Prima Games shows how to get the "Devil Horns" weapon, which… well, it's actually just a foam finger. Like, from sporting events? Yeah. They say it's the most powerful weapon in the game. Makes sense.

To get it, you'll have to beat the game in classic mode. This is not the first time the Dead Space series has given us the finger. Nor, let's hope, will it be the last.

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Out of curiosity, for you folks who do replay games like this, how often do you do so, and how long does it have to be for you after you've finished it before before you feel like getting back to it? I always see people who want to replay games like this to unlock everything, but for me unless it's a significant change to the actual game, I can't really get motivated to play the same game twice within the same year or two. Even if I liked it a lot. I feel like I'd unlock this, and then it would never get used because I'd be like, "Well, I beat the game... why would I want to play it again?" Does depend on the type of game, of course. I think Resident Evil 2 for me probably had the best "I have to replay now!" because it essentially had four variations on the main campaign depending on who you played first, and then who you chose to play as your new game +, so it wasn't like rehashing the exact same thing over and over.