The PS Vita Gets a Price Cut in Japan [Update]

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Tonight in Japan, Sony announced that it will lower the price of the PS Vita. Both the WiFi and the 3G versions are priced at ¥19,980 (US$214) starting February 28.


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The 3G version's launch price was ¥29,980, while the Wi-Fi version launched for ¥24,980.

Update: Sony Computer Entertainment of America tells Kotaku that there is no Vita price drop for North America at this time.


Take this from a Vita owner: Don't buy this piece of crap. Yeah, I'm sure you all probably think "wow, it looks nice. wow, it's got a touch screen on the front and back. wow, it's big. wow, it's 3g. wowowow" - yes, the Vita hardware is absolutely amazing. You know what isn't amazing? You know what's an absolute piece of garbage? I'll tell you. The Vita firmware. Absolutely every part of the software is terrible. The thing has two cameras and you can't even video chat with a ps3 user. No, let's take this a bit further. You can't VOICE CHAT with a ps3 user. All you can do is send text messages as far as out of game communication goes. You wanna talk about games? Alright, let's talk about the worst loading screens of your lives. Seriously. When I first bought Wipeout for my Vita, I figured it was just the game that was causing century-long loading screens, but after buying Uncharted, Black Ops, and All Stars, I can assure you that the Vita has terrible loading screens. It's not even the hardware - do your own research, the hardware on the Vita is amazing. Let's keep going. I want to add a nice theme to my Vita, I mean, you can do it on the DS, PSP, PS3, my god damn first generation iPhone, there should be some sort of option to change that crappy boring blue theme on the Vita, right? NO. There is no option. Yes, the Vita dev team does not even give you the option of changing the background theme or color. All applications on the Vita are organized as these small orbs and if you want to move around some apps, it's a living hell. Think of moving around an app on your iOS device, except it never goes to the next god damn page. These little things build up and you end up having the Vita for only one thing, a brick that loads games.

Until Sony fires the Vita dev team or until that same dev team releases a firmware update that doesn't make the first generation DS look like god's gift to handheld gaming, I will never recommend the Vita. It's just not worth buying.