Something's Starting Up with Final Fantasy XI

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How mysterious! A tweet from the official Final Fantasy XI account read, "The heck is this... Is something starting up...?!" Included was the above image.

Back in 2011, former Final Fantasy XI Hiromichi Tanaka mentioned that Square Enix was considering a straight port of FFXI to the PS Vita. But at that time, it was undecided and there was no concrete plan to do the port.

So maybe this tweet is referring to a PS Vita version of Final Fantasy XI? Or maybe it's a Wii U version? Who knows! Square Enix does, that's who.


これはいったい…何かが始まるのか……!? [@FFXI_JP via オレ的]

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FFXI was the one and only MMO that ever interested me, and it just would be the only MMO other than WoW to retain its subscription for a decade, wouldn't it? While every other MMO rise and fell to the realm of F2P, FFXI did not. My PC wouldn't do it any justice either, it's fine for music production and whatnot but the mere thought of running a game makes it shit itself. So, if they were to port FFXI to the Vita, I'd actually be all over that shit.

Mind you, it feels like it's been about six years since Square Enix did anything right, so I'm not going to hold out much hope for this.