Man, I Wish I’d Gotten To Beat A Cop At Video Games

Kids these days have all the fun. It's bad enough they have cellphones and high speed access to the internet, but now they get to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams - beating a cop at video games.


The video above is a report from ABC affiliate K2TV in Cheyenne Wyoming, about their third annual ‘Rock a Cop' event. The event was meant to build relationships between local police and young kids. And hey, it looks like it worked, with one kid saying "It was great, and they were awesome".

Oh sure kid. You say that now, but wait until officer Broadhead catches you smoking pot behind the middle school with all your punk friends, then he realizes you were the 10 year old that tea-bagged him in that game of Halo so many years ago. I bet he won't seem so awesome then, huh?


Seriously though local police; more of this.

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Man, this used to happen all the time at my local GameStop. Cops would stop by and hang out for a little while and when Madden '11 came out, we had some cops come in and start trash talking and we got into a quick game of Madden. They started off playing the manager and were getting destroyed, but when the store got busy and the manager went to work, I hopped on and continued the beat down.