Twitter Trends Turn Deadly in This Insane Experimental Shooter

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In the screenshot you see here I am being killed by zombies, but they aren't normal zombies. They are #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithPope zombies, and they are legion.

Created by Hamsteria! creator Sean McCracken (with game design support by his five-year-old son, Geoffrey), TweetsOfTheDead is a simple zombie shooter for iOS and Android that spawns enemies based on tweets from the Twitter main timeline.

For instance, say you play a game based on the tag #Zombies. The game scans for tweets containing the tag and spawns zombies for each one. Zombies spawned have the tweets that spawned them hanging over their heads, and when you finally go down you'll see the Twitter handle belonging to the author whose tweet killed you, in case you're hungry for revenge.


The shooting action is a bit primitive and light on options, but McCracken has plans to build the game into something much bigger. You can purchase TweetsOfTheDead for iOS and Android for $.99 right now, with proceeds going towards making the game even better.

"I tried to make a really fun shooter by ditching the dual stick approach and going with a one stick or a one stick + gyro control schema," McCracken told me via email. "This game is way beta still, but I have lots planned for it. This is my Anti-Kickstarter, I'm trying to make money on the MVG (Minimum Viable Game) and turn it into a real shooter with missions and multiplayer."


It's rough, but it definitely has promise. Maybe one day #TweetsOfTheDead will be its own deadliest level.

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this game is great and innovative all on its own. you don't need to shoehorn the pope announcement into it for more page clicks, Fahey. (although, if that means more people learn about the game's creator, okay fiiiiiiiiine.)