Hold onto your bowler hats/berets/lederhosen/akubras, PAL PS3 owners, because this week, the PlayStation Store update brings content. And not just any content, but games. Sure, one of them's Dark Mist, but the other one is the original Red Alert! Which now that I say it out loud is probably quite terrible, but nostalgia should get you through at least 10-15 minutes with it. As for the rest of the updates, there's an Overlord demo and themes. So, so many themes.




Command & Conquer Red Alert
Dark Mist


Pixel Junk Encore Pack
Everybody's Golf World Tour (Gloria Pack)
Everybody's Golf World Tour (Alex Pack)


Dark Sector Launch Trailer
Welcome to Paradise City
Burnout Paradise Accolade
Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway


Overlord Wallpaper (there's five of them)


Warhawk Eucadian
Warhawk Operation Broken Mirror
Eye Of Judgment Spellbound
Eye Of Judgment Citadel
Pain: The Dude
Pain: ED T Bone
Pain: Jarvis
Pain: Ice T
Pain: Cookie
Pain: Ginger
Pain Muffy
Pain Hung Lo
Pain Santa
Pain Scurv Dogg
Pain Cookie

Games (PSP Store)

Command & Conquer Red Alert
WipEout Pure PLA