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PSN Store Shutting Down Temporarily in Korea

Illustration for article titled PSN Store Shutting Down Temporarily in Korea
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In South Korea, the Shutdown Law was created to prevent gamers under sixteen from gaming during a six hour block at night. The law already impacted online gaming services, such as the PlayStation Network. It's going to impact it some more.


According to Sony, the PSN Store is going offline for all players starting on June 29. The law goes into effect on July 1. Online play will still be functional; however, maintenance to comply with the new law will take down the PSN Store. Sony hopes to have the PSN Store back up sometime this year.


So that means new PSN games and other downloadable PS3 content just won't be available in South Korea starting this July. And there's no ETA on when it will be back other than this year. And that sucks.

「선택적 셧다운제」시행에 따른 「PlayStation®3」상에서의 PlayStation®Store서비스 일시 정지에 대해서 [PlayStation Korea]

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Well that is stupid. They are shutting down PSN for an indefinite period of time because they want to make sure that people under 16 don't play? Isn't it parents responsibility to regulate their child. Why do normal gamers have to suffer?