The Speakys—Your Games of the Year—Have Been Named, Now Pick the Best

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The votes are in, and you have spoken. The second annual Speakys, the Kotaku community-voted awards organized by GiantBoyDetective, have named their individual category winners. From here, the category winners will be faced off in a vote to determine the Speakys' overall game of the year.

Remember, tomorrow Kotaku will be conferring its Game of the Year award. You can read our nominations here. Other writers also have listed their personal top 10 games for 2012, too.

The overall vote for Speaky Game of the Year is here.

Following are the category winners of the 2012 Speakys, as voted on by you.

Best Multiplatform Title

Winner: Borderlands 2
Runner-Up: The Walking Dead

Best PlayStation 3 Title

Winner: Journey
Runner-Up: Tales of Grace F

Best Xbox 360 Title

Winner: Halo 4
Runner-Up: Fez

Best Wii/Wii U Title

Winner: Xenoblade Chronicles
Runner-Up: New Super Mario Bros U

Best DS/3DS Title

Winner: Pokemon Black and White 2
Runner-Up: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Best Vita Title

Winner: Persona 4: Golden
Runner-Up: Gravity Rush

Best Indie Title

Winner: Journey
Runner-Up: Fez

Best PC Title

Winner: Guild Wars 2
Runner-Up: XCOM

Best Original Soundtrack

Winner: Journey
Runner-Up: Halo 4

Best Overlooked Title

Winner: FTL: Faster Than Light
Runner-Up: Sleeping Dogs

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Borderlands 2 instead of TWD for best Multiplatform? Now that's just depressing.