Bounty Hunters. We Don't Need Their Scum.

Designing Batgirl To Fit Chris Nolan's Batman Movies

Serg Souleiman is a freelance concept artist who has worked on games like Wolfenstein: The New Order, Mortal Kombat X, Forza 5, The Elder Scrolls Online and the Fallout series. » 3/29/15 10:30pm Sunday 10:30pm

From the talented JonasDrawsStuff (whose Rocket Raccoon is my desktop wallpaper) by way of Reddit comes Star Fox in the style of classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Someone go back in time and make this happen. » 3/28/15 6:30pm Saturday 6:30pm

Yes, I Would Watch A Gears Of War Cartoon Series

There's no such thing, of course, but we can dream. Marcus and Dom, side-by-side, hugging it out, cutting things up, fist-bumping over a guitar solo intro... » 3/26/15 10:00pm Thursday 10:00pm

Damn, Ori And The Blind Forest Is So Beautiful

Ori and the Blind Forest is a pretty good video game! But we're not here today to talk about the game. We're here today to look at the gorgeous art that went into making it. » 3/22/15 9:00pm 3/22/15 9:00pm

Concept Art From That Incredible "Space Whale" Short Film

Leviathan, a short film about some space men trying to catch a space whale, is awesome. So let's take some time to look at some of the awesome concept art that went into its production. » 3/19/15 8:06pm 3/19/15 8:06pm

Choose Your RPG Class Wisely...

Nurzhan Bekkaliev is a freelance concept artist and illustrator from Kazakhstan who has some of the most incredible character design skills I've ever seen. » 3/17/15 8:30pm 3/17/15 8:30pm

Jupiter Ascending, What Are You Doing

I haven't seen Jupiter Ascending. I've only seen its concept art. I'm guessing it's a movie about "holy shit what is happening there are space things and what". » 3/16/15 10:00pm 3/16/15 10:00pm

A Moment Of Appreciation For EVE Online's Starship Design

It's widely known to the outside world for its politics, but EVE Online is also a rather pretty video game, especially when it comes to the unique and varied design of its spaceships. » 3/11/15 9:00pm 3/11/15 9:00pm

What If We Could Control The Aliens?

Artist Marek Okon recently had an idea: what if instead of trying to shoot the Aliens, we could control them instead? It's a premise that's actually been explored in the universe's fiction before, but that certainly didn't look as cool as this concept does. » 3/09/15 9:30pm 3/09/15 9:30pm

Instead Of Skipping A Credits Sequence, Let's Study One

Felix Mack works at Nightjar, a studio that specialises in motion graphics. You know the animation/footage that plays behind an artist when they're on stage? Or the menus on a DVD? Or the credits sequence for a video game? Yeah, they do that. » 3/05/15 10:30pm 3/05/15 10:30pm