The Face of Japan Is Changing, But Some Aren't Ready 

Change happens slowly in Japan, but it does happen. You wake up one day, and things that weren't possible years ago are happening today. Nowhere is that more evident than in the woman who will represent Japan in the Miss Universe pageant—but that's to the chagrin of some who wanted a more "Japanese" winner. » 3/13/15 7:30am 3/13/15 7:30am

Blackface Continues in Japan. In 2015. [Update]

Above, you can see a photo the members of Momoiro Clover Z, one of Japan's most famous idol acts, and long-time pop group Rats & Star. And this is apparently how they'll appear on Japanese television next month. » 2/13/15 6:30am 2/13/15 6:30am

Japan's School Bags Are Expensive and Fashionable

Grade schoolers across Japan carry leather backpacks called "randoseru" (ランドセル). Traditionally, kids have carried one of two colors: black for boys, and red for girls. In recent years, however, that's changed. » 9/03/14 6:30am 9/03/14 6:30am

Japanese Women Don't Want To See Man Nipples

Of course, men in Japan have nipples. And seeing those nipples, it seems, is unsettling to some of the country's women. Good thing there are several products for men to hide those nipples. » 8/14/14 7:00am 8/14/14 7:00am

Ronaldo Kinda Sucks at Japanese Sitting

In Japan, the "correct" way to sit is called "seiza" (正座). The word itself means "correct" (正) "sitting" (座). What Christian Ronaldo is doing is incorrect sitting. » 7/25/14 4:00am 7/25/14 4:00am

Why Snowpiercer Started with a Digital Pig Head

Snowpiercer, it seems, is fantastic. The movie debuted in South Korea last summer and is finally opening in North America later this week. Before filming started, the cast and crew held a traditional ritual with pig's head—but with a slight twist. A digital twist. » 6/24/14 4:00am 6/24/14 4:00am

Japanese Celebrity's English Fail Is Truly Most Unfortunate

When Japanese Birthdays Look Disgusting and Somewhat Frightening

Japan and Korea Now Arguing Over Stomping on Anne Frank's Face

At a recent anti-Japan protest in South Korea, participants carried signs with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's face crossed out. They also carried signs with Anne Frank. One protestor appeared to stomped on both. Or did he? Whatever is going on? » 3/04/14 6:30am 3/04/14 6:30am

What's Wrong with Modern Japan in One Stupid Commercial

There are many wonderful things about Japan. And, like anywhere, there are some not so wonderful things. Rarely do you see so many of them in one thirty-second commercial. » 2/27/14 7:30am 2/27/14 7:30am

Baskin Robbins Is Releasing Ice Cream Dolls in Japan

In Japan, March 3 is Girl's Day (雛祭り or "Hinamatsuri"). It's a doll festival. To celebrate, Baskin Robbins is releasing a set of five ice cream "dolls." Delicious! » 2/26/14 8:16am 2/26/14 8:16am

Ten Letdowns for Foreigners Visiting Japan

Have you ever been to Japan? If so, maybe you had a swell time. Maybe you had an awful time. Let's see if any of your complaints match up to this recent poll. » 2/18/14 7:00am 2/18/14 7:00am

The Most Infamous Swimming Pool in Japanese Pornography

Ask anyone who's ever seen an adult movie in Japan. Or, at least, anyone who has ever spent some time on the internet. More than likely, they'll know this swimming pool. » 2/11/14 5:30am 2/11/14 5:30am

Why Music Cassette Tapes Aren't Dead in Japan

You can still walk into music stores in Japan and see albums released on cassettes. I'm not sure which is more amazing: Being able to walk into a music store or being able to buy new music on cassettes. » 2/06/14 5:30am 2/06/14 5:30am

Budget Rent-a-Car and ANA Commercials Dubbed "Racist" and "Crude"

Japanese Children's Show Featured a Puppet with a "Penis Head"

Yikes! This week in Japan, photos of a puppet popped up online. The puppet appeared on a kid's program in Japan. Online, commenters are saying its head looks "totally" like a dildo. » 1/17/14 5:00am 1/17/14 5:00am