Twitter Is Where People Go When Witnessing Crimes

Honestly don't know if I've ever seen someone tweet a photo of an armed robbery in progress. Well, I have now.

The tweet read, "There's a robber now at Kurumaya Ramen," tweeted @0503Daiki. The photo, which has now been retweeted over six thousand times, shows a man in a white t-shirt, brandishing a knife at the register.

Initially, other Twitter users wondered if the photo was for real. "Yes, I'm serious!" @0503Daiki replied. "You can see the butcher knife, right?" Others incorrectly thought that @0503Daiki was tweeting a photo of himself committing a robbery (instead of photographing the alleged perp).


Twitter Is Where People Go When Witnessing Crimes

Yes, Twitter has now reached critical mass and is at the point where people are live-tweeting crimes. That's certainly easier (and safer) than trying to stop them! And @0503Daiki wasn't the only Twitter user in the restaurant. Among the twenty or so customers in the same Kurumaya Ramen in Narita, outside Tokyo, another Twitter user @LDHxxxMxHxxx was tweeting about the in-progress crime.

The man, 41 year-old Shouichi Ishii, entered the restaurant, @LDHxxxMxHxxx tweeted, and allegedly told the restaurant staff to empty the register, allegedly stealing 250,000 yen (US$2,569). Customers as well as shop staff alerted the police, J-Cast reports. And according to Yomiuri, when the police arrived, Ishii was sitting in the parking lot, where he was arrested.


According to @LDHxxxMxHxxx, thankfully, no one, including restaurant staff, was hurt in the robbery. Below is a photo @LDHxxxMxHxxx took of the police cars in front of the restaurant:

Twitter Is Where People Go When Witnessing Crimesくるま屋ラーメンに強盗なう [Twitter]

ラーメン店で強盗後、店の駐車場に座っていた男 [Yomiuri]

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