The Witcher 3 is the latest game to see Nvidia’s fancy new Ansel screenshot technology implemented. Which means users can now not only take very high resolution screens, but panoramic 360-degree shots of their gameplay as well.

The necessary upgrades and patches for the tech went live earlier this week. I’ve been testing it out and it’s awesome.


If you’ve got a GTX 680m or above, hitting alt+F2 during gameplay brings up this menu that lets you adjust all kinds of things in the current frame, from FOV to filters:

From there, you can mess around and make things look very, very pretty. There’s the option to take regular screenshots, screenshots at enormous resolutions (up to 63,000x) and even panoramic shots that can be viewed both on the web and with VR headsets.


Here’s what that kind of pixel count gets you. Below is a screen I originally captured at 13,000x (reduced to 800x just for scale purposes):

Here’s the detail you get zooming in:

The image at the top of this post, meanwhile, is a crop of a screen originally taken at around 6,000x. These are the kind of tools previously only available to professional bullshotters.

Far more impressive, at least technically, are the 360-degree screenshots, some examples of which I’ve dropped below (provided the embeds work for the browser you’re using right now). Notice how some of them are panoramas of regular screenshots (with Geralt in the “centre” of screen), but others are almost like dioramas, since I’ve moved the camera around for more distant shots.

(Hit the little square icon in the bottom right to see them in full-screen, and drag your mouse/finger over them to pan the camera around)