You're Cut Off From Video Game's New 'True Grit' Mode If You Lose Too Much 

The man who made a version of Space Invaders that deletes files from your computer every time you shoot an enemy has added a new mode to his excellent mobile solitaire game Sage Solitaire. It’s called True Grit. Lose while playing True Grit too many times and you can never play that mode again. »10/08/15 12:48pm10/08/15 12:48pm


We Love The World's First Post-Apocalyptic Competitive Eating Card Game

"The game is about eating and spewing and chewing and swallowing," game designer Zach Gage says in this beginning of this 25-minute video that features me and Evan Narcisse playing Gage's new card game Guts of Glory. With that, Gage led me and Evan through one of the most fun half-hours of gaming I've had this year. »8/30/12 1:30pm8/30/12 1:30pm