The First Screen You See When You Start The New Yoshi's Island

I don't remember any other Nintendo games starting with the above message, but, hey, sure, Nintendo. Why not? I've rated a level or two in Assassin's Creed. I've agreed to let my crash bugs be sent back to Microsoft. I just never thought that you, Nintendo, would need to see my gameplay data to make better games.… »3/05/14 4:30pm3/05/14 4:30pm

Yoshi's New Island Is Like the Old Yoshi's Island. That's a Good Thing.

The new game for Nintendo's most nurturing dinosaur was available to play this week at E3 and Kotaku's Jason Schreier did exactly that. In the video above, you'll see Jason try to talk and play at the same time—harder than it looks, especially in a crowded E3 Nintendo booth—while he gives you a quick glimpse at … »6/14/13 6:30am6/14/13 6:30am