The Day I Said Goodbye To My PS3

I purchased my glossy black partner on January 30th, 2007. Since then it has run over 50 PS3 games, a bunch of PS2 and PS1 games, and probably hundreds of Blu-ray and DVD movies.

But I had to bid farewell to my dear friend; my PS3 displayed the dreaded Yellow Light of Death, better known as YLOD. » 11/15/12 7:00am 11/15/12 7:00am

When Your PS3 Becomes a $400 Paperweight

The PlayStation 3 had been out for several months when I started looking into buying one. My PS2 was making loud grinding noises and I feared it was on its last legs. Moreover Sony had just announced that PS2 backward compatibility would be cut from the next model of PS3, so it seemed as if it had become a "now or… » 5/15/12 7:00am 5/15/12 7:00am

Sony Pre-Emptively Blasts BBC Report on PS3 Failures

Tonight, the BBC will broadcast a report claiming the PS3 suffers from systemic hardware failure and Sony's repair service is inadequate. has a six-page salvo from SCEUK to the BBC, ripping the report and implying legal action could follow. » 9/17/09 2:30pm 9/17/09 2:30pm