I Didn't Mean to Kill You, Beautiful Xenosaga Statue

Of all the Gathering statues from e2406.com I've reviewed, I was most looking forward to their gorgeous 20-inch rendition of Xenosaga's T-elos. Some role-players prefer Kos-Mos, but my heart was always with this dark-and-deadly Mary Magdalene cyborg. In the game she nearly took down the entire party all by her… » 3/25/13 10:00pm 3/25/13 10:00pm

Xenosaga's KOS-MOS Gets Inappropriate Bikini Variation

Remember that scene in Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra » 9/23/08 9:30pm 9/23/08 9:30pm when you and KOS-MOS went to the beach for a picnic and she packed a lunch and she was wearing that tasteful yet aesthetically fitting bikini and it was the best day ever? No? Really? Maybe that was from a fanfic I wrote. No matter, as ALTER, makers…