Which JRPG Has Better Sliding: Xenoblade Chronicles X or FFXV

There are many things we could compare between Xenoblade Chronicles X and Final Fantasy XV. But today, we're going to see which has the coolest-looking sliding. That's right, sliding. » 3/11/15 5:30am 3/11/15 5:30am

Xenoblade Chronicles X's Stupid-Looking Characters Are A-Okay

I know it's only February. But this year, these are going to be hard to top. Congrats, Xenoblade Chronicles X, for some of the dumbest-looking characters of 2015! » 2/10/15 5:30am 2/10/15 5:30am

Xenoblade Chronicles X Looks Like... Um... Grand Theft Auto V?

Just what on earth is going on in this new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X? Did they wander into Grand Theft Auto? » 11/05/14 5:51pm 11/05/14 5:51pm

Here's A Crapload Of Footage From Xenoblade Chronicles X

Straight outta E3, here's some 45 minutes of the folks at Nintendo's Treehouse playing through Xenoblade Chronicles X, the upcoming JRPG by the studio Monolith Soft. » 6/10/14 6:18pm 6/10/14 6:18pm