Report: Microsoft *Finally* Has Sold 1.5 Million Xbox 360s in Japan

According to Japanese site Wazap, the Xbox 360 has finally crossed the 1.5 million sold mark in Japan. The Xbox 360 launched in Japan in 2005, but didn't sell a million consoles until 2009. Now it's 2011, and apparently Microsoft has sold another 500,000 in Japan. [はちま起稿] » 6/17/11 7:30am 6/17/11 7:30am

When Xbox Japan Meets Schoolgirls

At the Tokyo Game Show, booth companions wear skimpy outfits. Some say it's degrading, some like it. Microsoft's booth companion outfits are cute and designed to show off each woman's best feature, giving them more confidence and making them comfortable. » 6/17/11 2:00am 6/17/11 2:00am

From Xbox Japan Girl to Idol You Can *Ahem*

In 2008, Asami Sakurada (above, red beret) was unknown. She spent that September dressed as an Xbox Event companion at the Tokyo Game Show. Even in early 2010, she was doing booth companion work, appearing at AOU arcade show in the Konami booth. But by late 2010, she had a huge fan base, TV appearances, a record deal,… » 6/15/11 2:00am 6/15/11 2:00am

Xbox Japan Confuses Game's PS3 Version With Xbox 360

On the latest installment of Xbox Japan's Inside Xbox, a bunch of games for this April were introduced. Some of the games are Xbox exclusives, some of them, like WRC: FIA World Rally Championship, are not. » 4/19/11 5:20am 4/19/11 5:20am

Microsoft Gets A Slight Name Change In Japan

It's not a drastic change, so don't freak out. In The Land of the Rising Sun, the current and official name of Microsoft is "Microsoft Co., Ltd." That doesn't sound very Japanese. » 7/06/10 3:00am 7/06/10 3:00am