Here's Me Struggling through a Couple of WWE '12 Matches

WWE '12 is a game that theoretically should have been awesome. Between throwing someone through a table or a totally sweet cage match, this should be a great party/fighting game. Unfortunately, the controls keep amateurs out of the ring and given the way WWE '12 is designed, you will be explaining what every button… »11/30/11 7:30pm11/30/11 7:30pm

The WWE '12 Launch Trailer Invites You to Challenge the Viper

The latest playable version of THQ's grapple-happy sports entertainment franchise packs in more legends, ladders and leg drops than ever before. Not happy with the storylines on Monday Night Raw? Wish the some up-and-comer was getting a bigger push? You can make it happen for yourself when the game hits stores next… »11/18/11 11:30pm11/18/11 11:30pm