Modders At Last Launch the "StarCraft MMO" Over Battle.Net [Updated]

Remember StarCraft Universe? The mod was called the "Starcraft MMO" that kicked up a brief fuss in 2011 but was smoothed out, eventually, with Blizzard's blessings. Ryan Winzen, the project's creative director, is happy to share news that SCU: Chronicles of Fate is now available, and will be going out over »2/18/13 12:00pm2/18/13 12:00pm


I'm Falling in Love With WildStar, and I Don't Care Who Knows It

It's not the stunning CGI movie quality trailer for NCsoft and Carbine's WildStar that has my heart beating so hard. Nor is it these forty-four screenshots, covering the races, combat, and environments of this gorgeous space born adventure. It's not even the bunny girls (though they certainly help). So what is it? »8/17/11 5:20pm8/17/11 5:20pm