​Wii Mini Coming to U.S. With Mario Kart Wii for $99.99

Nintendo is easing out the full-fledged version of their super-successful Wii console. But, for folks in the market for a Wii machine without the U in the name, there's the Wii mini. It'll come with Mario Kart Wii, which seems slightly counterintuitive for a console without online functionality. » 11/04/13 10:47am 11/04/13 10:47am

Tearing Open The New Wii Reveals Some Crazy Nintendo Decisions

Tech wizards Digital Foundry got their hands on a Canadian Wii Mini, and did the only thing the internet ever wanted them to do: rip it open and see what was inside. » 12/13/12 12:00am 12/13/12 12:00am

The Wii Mini Looks Glorious, Lacks Internet and GameCube Games [Update:…

Earlier tonight, a teeny-tiny image of the Wii Mini's box appeared online. Here's a better look at the console itself. And hot damn, it's lovely looking. » 11/27/12 8:17am 11/27/12 8:17am

There's a New Wii Console, The Wii Mini

While it's yet to be officially announced by Nintendo, Canada's Best Buy website has revealed the Wii Mini, a smaller, sleeker version of Nintendo's console. » 11/27/12 5:51am 11/27/12 5:51am