Bruce Wayne on Drugs: One of the Best Batman Stories Ever

It sounds like a joke at first: What if Batman got addicted to drugs? But legendary Batman writer Denny O'Neil took a laughable premise and turned it into one of the best character portraits the Caped Crusader's ever seen.

Batman: Venom shows off everything that makes Denny O'Neil one of my favorite writers. His work… »4/24/12 3:00pm4/24/12 3:00pm


Magic Sex, Underwater Vomit and Heart-Punching: Why Defenders #1-4 Works

Every so often, Panel Discussion will take a look at a graphic novel or a run of comics that executes particularly well. This is Why It Works. »3/27/12 3:30pm3/27/12 3:30pm I'd lost a little bit of faith in Matt Fraction. The Portland-based writer won me over years ago with his brilliant superspy series , which deconstructed and re-assembled…