Rock Band Web Site Enters Coccoon, Emerges As Tattoo Flash

Welcome to the new RockBand.com, or more specifically and accurately, welcome to the Kotaku post featuring a screenshot and talking about the new RockBand.com, while entered into a hibernation state earlier this morning only to emerge as Beta RockBand.com! The new site features all of the old site's features plus a… » 10/06/08 2:30pm 10/06/08 2:30pm

Explore Dead Space Narrative With No Known Survivors

EA continues to display an amazing amount of dedication to the story aspects of their upcoming sci-fi horror shooter Dead Space with the launch of No Known Survivors, a website that will feature two tragic stories from the Dead Space universe, told through the use of 3D animations, voice talent, original video and… » 8/27/08 11:40am 8/27/08 11:40am

Diablo III Webpage Filled With Trailers, Screens, Evil

Why content yourself with a blurry screen or a low-quality stream when you can get your Diablo III fix directly from the source? Blizzard has the official website for the game up and ready, already filled with pages of screenshots, a gameplay video, and the cinematic trailer, as well as concept art and one hell of an… » 6/28/08 7:00am 6/28/08 7:00am