Kenji Eno Speaks His Mind In This Unpublished Interview

Last week, Japanese game designer Kenji Eno passed away at the age of 42. Eno was well known for his survival horror games, D, Enemy Zero, and D2, as well as his unique and sometimes eccentric opinions and behavior, like the development of the Sega Saturn game, Real Sound, a video game that features no video. » 2/28/13 8:00am 2/28/13 8:00am

Game Designer Kenji Eno Has Died at Age 42

Kenji Eno, musician and game designer, passed away yesterday at the age of 42. He died of heart failure, induced by high blood pressure, reports The Asahi Shimbun. » 2/21/13 7:20am 2/21/13 7:20am

The "EA Indie Bundle" is Like The Man Saying F*** the Man

You may not have heard of Electronic Arts, a boutique publishing label based in Redwood City, Calif. Well, I bet you will be raving about them once you pick up the "EA Indie Bundle" on Steam, the indie-friendly digital marketplace, unlike that Origin bullshit run by that place that screwed up the end of Mass Effect 3. » 5/02/12 10:00pm 5/02/12 10:00pm

The Most Adorable Exploding Humans I've Seen All Day

We reported last month on EA's upcoming Warp, a top-down puzzler featuring Zero, a cute and cuddly little orange alien who makes humans (and anything else) explode violently into bloody goo. » 2/10/12 6:30pm 2/10/12 6:30pm

Warp Turns a House Party Into a Cute Adventure Puzzler

Puzzle games over the past few years have focused around physics, and around playing with those physics to accomplish goals. Warp features a cute little alien who dies from one bullet and teleports a couple feet at a time. Yes, this is a video game, not an upcoming kids cartoon. » 1/11/12 8:20pm 1/11/12 8:20pm

New Alan Wake Headlines the Next Xbox House Party

The next Xbox 360 "House Party"—a promotional rush of a bunch of new downloadable games, probably released one a week—will be headlined by Alan Wake's American Nightmare, according to a trailer that's leaked through Joystiq noticed it and we've watched it: It also includes the cool top-down… » 1/09/12 9:39am 1/09/12 9:39am

Warp’s Teleportation Lets You Distract Bad Dudes with Decoys, Then Tear…

With the genius exhibited by Valve's Portal games, it wouldn't be entirely unfair to think that there's a conceptual no-fly zone around the use teleporting as a game mechanic. At the very least, if you're going to use the ability to pop in and out of reality in your game, then you need to make it demonstrably… » 10/25/11 1:20pm 10/25/11 1:20pm

Warp Is My Favorite Scientist-Exploding PAX East Discovery, So Far

I keep asking people who I run into at PAX East to tell me which games I should check out. Thank you, to whoever told me to try Warp. I think it was Eka, hype man extraordinaire for Monday Night Combat. I'm glad I went. Warp lets you be an alien who can warp through doors, into exploding barrels or into scientists… » 3/12/11 1:30pm 3/12/11 1:30pm

EA Has Warp, Gatling Gears & Fancy Pants Adventures On Tap For 2011

Electronic Arts will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC users hard next year with a trio of newly unveiled games, sci-fi stealth action game Warp, twin-stick shooter Gatling Gears and Flash-based platforming game The Fancy Pants Adventures. » 11/10/10 10:00pm 11/10/10 10:00pm