10 Most Unnecessary Movie Sequels Of All Time


Sometimes, you see a movie that opens up a whole universe of possibilities, leaving you wondering where these characters will go next. So much adventure waiting to happen! And then... there are movies that really don't need a sequel, but get one anyway. Here are 10 film sequels that it's really hard to believe… »4/10/14 2:33pm4/10/14 2:33pm

The War of the Worlds Video Game Keeps Reminding People of Out of this World

I heard at E3 that the new downloadable War of the Worlds game might remind people of the lovely, spooky black-and-white sidescroller Limbo. But when I saw the downloadable game at the Xbox 360 booth at the Penny Arcade Expo, I and two other passersby all made a different comparison: Out of this World. »9/02/11 2:00pm9/02/11 2:00pm