So How Do You Curve Bullets In Wanted?

A sequel to last year's hit film, Wanted: Weapons of Fate allows players to curve bullets around objects in order to take their targets by surprise. So how's that going to work? » 2/23/09 3:20pm 2/23/09 3:20pm

New Wanted: Weapons of Fate Screens

Hot off the presses are eight new shots from Wanted: Weapons of Fate. Contrary to most movie-games, Weapons of Fate looks like it actually might be worth a damn. » 2/10/09 9:40pm 2/10/09 9:40pm

Wanted: Weapons of Fate Shows Promise

I thought I'd seen the last of Wanted after seeing falling asleep during the film — but, nope! Warner Bros. Interactive is determined to do better with the game than they did with the movie. » 2/10/09 8:20pm 2/10/09 8:20pm